Jena Baxter’s Tolor interviews Raonal


I met Jena through a blog tour T.J.’s Virtual Blog Tours did when she released Veiled Memories.  Since then, she’s been a wonderful mentor, and has helped me learn some about the marketing side of writing.  When she offered to host a series of character interviews, I was delighted.  This is the last from that group.

Raonal is a pukah, so when you head over to see what he has to say, please pause and read the disclaimer that precedes the interview.  It’s there for a reason.


Character Madness – Interview 5 of 5: Raonal Tiornestake

This Week Tolor Interviews

Raonal Tiornestake

The Final Interview


The Followers of Torments, series,

by K Caffee

Author’s note:  Before you start reading Raonal’s interview, please be aware that he is what is called a pukah.  They are a faerie cross between the fae and any other creature.  Unlike most fae, the pukah have one flaw that always shows up after their faerie side awakens – they cannot tell the unvarnished truth.  They make great listeners, but if they tell you anything be advised to take it with a shaker of salt.  There may be truth buried in what they are telling you, but figuring out what it is can be more of a challenge than you expected.  Raonal’s way is about what you can expect – neither worse nor better than average.

Tell us about your story

My story?  You want to know about my story?  Well, you had better make sure you are comfortable.  It won’t take but a moment to tell, but a life time to listen to.  You see, I was born before anyone walked the face of the world to a farmer’s family that raised rye, wheat, oats, barley, apples, cherries, plums, and pineapples.
We were poor in wealth, but rich in love.  Isn’t that what everyone likes to hear?
(Raonal, he’s asking about your story with Nameless!)
Oh, THAT story.  It’s one of sorrow, pain, joy, and love.  Alpha is a strange creature, though not too far from what I am, but different enough to be the same.  It’s the others around him that really make up the tale, though.  He has no bearing on what happens, which made it really boring.
What?  It’s the truth.  He brought me into his pack as an equal, then left and left me in charge.
(I’d ask Akantheldama about that, before making any grand statements to that point.)
‘Dama?  She knows I’m in charge.