Jena Baxter’s Tolor Interviews Beslynx


Tolor managed to actually catch the ‘cat, and convince her  to chat with him.  I’m not exactly sure how, as I think she’s working on a few ugly plans for me.  However, I still like the independent lady.  While you’re perusing her interview, I think I’m going to go find the biggest steak I can and maybe some catnip tea.  See if I can sweeten her temper just a little in my direction.  She still doesn’t believe me that she’s got an important part to play in the Torments series.


Character Madness Monday – Interview 3 of 5 The Followers of Torments

This Week Tolor Interviews

Beslynx Spiritwalker

Interview 3 of 5


The Followers of Torments, series,

by K Caffee

Tell us about your story

Which one?  If it’s about me, you’ll have to wait.  I’ve seen you talking to the others, so I presume you wish to speak about that filth who tries to pretend to be an alpha?