Out of the Darkness: Chapter 11 Discussion

The finals.  The ultimate time for any fighter that has survived the Arenas.  In this chapter, we get to see why these matches are so important.  Why the fighters are willing (most grudgingly, to be sure) to endure such a long, hard, wearing run of matches just to get there.  It also brings the first phase of the Silk’s life to a close – one way or another.

Oh, by the way, I have admitted before now that I’m a cruel writer when it comes to my characters, right?  If not, then feel free to yell about half way through this chapter.  Normally, when a fighter wins their finals, they are given quite a sizable financial nest egg to start with.  This does not mean they are free from the next phase of their lives, but at least they can afford to start it.  I left a nasty surprise for our victor.

Fine, I’ll admit it.  The Silk wins.  It’s not exactly a spoiler, is it?  I mean, where would the story be if the main character were killed off this early.

But, he doesn’t get all of the normal rewards.  And, I’m not sure if that was a favor… or a new torture.  He’s got so much to learn.  More now, with less forgiving circumstances, than when he entered the Arenas in the first place.  He’s also having a minor identity crisis.  Outside of the Arenas, he has no idea who (or what) is is.  So, as we enter into the next phase of his life, he has to forge an identity from what he does understand.  This isn’t the easiest thing to do for anyone, and he has fewer tools to work with.

There is one last interesting bit that gets introduced – right at the end of the chapter.  The layout of the City, and how the people within each of the districts interact.  Some might be culturally based, but there is definitely a noticeable caste system, even beyond the walls.  And, it is up to our intrepid character to figure this out before he finds himself on the wrong side of everyone.