How did the Followers of Torments Saga come to be?


This is the most common question I am asked about the series.  So, before you have to ask again, let me go ahead and answer it.

Back around 2005 or 2006, I was introduced to an online chat 3-D chat platform called IMVU by a friend.  Since I was new to the platform, I tended to stick around the same chat rooms my friend did – which meant I had to come up with a role play character pretty quickly.  And, not just any role play character, either.  The stated rules on most of the rooms included “no humans allowed unless you are someone’s pet or lunch.”  Seeing as I didn’t want to be either, I had to find another race or species that would let me learn the ropes.

I’ve always enjoyed role play, though up until this point, I was more familiar with Dungeons and Dragons, or similar table top game systems, so I figured that would be the best place to start looking for a character base.  It took a while, but I finally found one.  Even then, the character I thought I created was not the character that survived.  My first attempt wound up being shelved, except for rare occasions.  In place of, a darker, more malicious character emerged.

For some reason, one that still leaves me puzzled to this day, a group who liked my character formed.  (It puzzles me because the character is NOT a nice person.)

Before much longer, this small group split off, and the concept of the Tormentor was born.  As our role play continued, the concept grew and took root within the free flow role play game we were involved in.  When life caused the group to dissolve, I figured I was done with this particular chapter, so shelved the concept, story, and character into the dustbins of memory.  This was somewhere around 2009 or 2010.

Fast forward a couple of years.  In 2014, the story hit me over the head with an ultimatum:  Write me, or don’t sleep.

Mind you, I’m someone who takes ultimatums very poorly.  This incident was no exception, especially since I was starting my Masters program.  I fought, I really did.  However – the story won that round (and just about every one after that, too.)

I started writing Out of the Darkness, thinking it was a stand alone.  Then I ran into an issue I could not resolve, which led me to going back and reading what was written so far.  The end result was Remember the Shadows coming into the scene, though at first the title was supposed to be Into the Sunlits.  A duology, not exactly what I had in mind, but if it meant I didn’t have a story yammering at me, I’d take it.  Then the story decided to live up to its name.  From two books, it bloomed into five.

By this time I’d become, not exactly resigned, but accepting of the fact I was now a working author.  All because I had a role play story that insisted on being transformed into a novel, and I really wanted to sleep.  That my friends, is how the Followers of Torments Saga was born.